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Crane Farmers Market

Crane Creek Farmer's Market is off and running

The Crane Farmer's Market held a kickoff celebration on July 17th,  2009 on the lawn of the SO/MO real estate office on Highway 413 in Crane.  Master Gardeners of the Ozarks was there to answer questions and discuss with visitors the upcoming Fall Garden Workshop.  There was  a home made pie contest,  a sample of healthy eating.. a tomato gazpacho, and even a demonstration of grilled pizza.  It was a great evening and a good kickoff to promoting eating fresh,  buying fresh, and buying local.  The Crane Farmer's Market will be held on Saturdays 8am to noon.

Crane Farmer's Market - Table of Produce

Master Gardeners Volunteer

MG's  Ken & Rose Schwarte
Stone County Couple finds volunteering rewarding

Ken and Rose Schwarte of Branson West moved to the Ozarks to relax and retire.  In 2006 they attended and graduated from the Master Gardener of the Ozarks training program. After receiving 30 hours of basic horticulture training on a variety of topics;  they put the knowledge to work on their home.  They created a garden oasis in the back yard.   Stone county rock and soil was a challenge.

One May night in 2008 a knock on the door came from neighbor Janice Sallee.   She told the Schwartes of a camp that was putting gardens around cabins and wanted to know if the Master Gardeners would help.   "Sure" said Ken.   They then went out to Kids Across America camp and found and almost impossible task.  Kids would be checking in to the camp in days.  Flats and Flats of plants were ready  to be put in the ground.  "Ground... well.. if you call rock and clay ground" says Rose.  After the first year,  It was heart breaking.   "Flowers had nothing to grow in.. no water.. " says Ken.

Kids Across America (KAA) coordinator Dave Jahnlee asked the Schwarte's to help for 2009.  "I told him he would need to get us some soil, some compost, and water" says Ken.  Flowers were purchased from College of the Ozarks.  The gardens started to take shape.
Kids walking to cabin
The numerous gardens in front of the cabins,  barrels with flowers, the cactus gardens at the entrance, and the near 40 hanging baskets were all in place and ready for the campers to arrive.

Master Gardeners Ken and Rose Schwarte have donated over 250 hours to this project.   "A lot of work and some frustrations; but all in all we are very pleased in the progress this year" says Ken.   The camp is now quiet and done for the summer.   Ken and Rose still are active in other projects around the Ozarks.   Each spring is reserved.. for the KAA camp.

The Schwarte's have earned the winter off and have taken with them a scrap book full of memories and new friends.

Scholarship Awarded to College of the Ozarks Student

scholorship presentationCollege of the Ozarks Senior receives $1,000 Scholarship from the Master Gardeners of the Ozarks:

Laura Pennington of Wichita,  Kansas is a senior at College of the Ozarks.  She has been given a $1,000 scholarship from the Master Gardeners of the Ozarks.  "I really needed this money.. it'll help out a lot", said Laura.  Ms. Pennington started as a freshman at C of O and her first job was working in the cafeteria.  "My Aunt and Mom and Dad are all graduates of C of O... it became an easy choice for school", says Laura.  She has been very active in school.   Along with her work duties at the green houses;  She was president of the on campus  Horticulture Club and president of the Rotaract ( a college version of the Rotary Club).   We asked how she was able to learn all the various plants that C of O sells in the green houses.  "...the best learning experience I had was working in the sign shop making signs for all of them", she said with a smile.   Laura will graduate with a degree in Agriculture with an emphasis on Horticulture.  She plans to move back to Wichita where she will work at the Botanica Gardens.  Also,  she has plans underway for a March wedding.
We briefly visited with David Ray and Nathan Bell.. Supervisors of the Horticulture Dept of the College.  David said,  " ..if it's green;  we take care of it."  The Green Houses will have 250,000 bedding plants.  "We will sell a thousand Hibiscus plants".   There is close to 1,000 acres of mowing and weed eating to be done.  "We do it all with Staff and 72 horticulture students".   
Master Gardener President Dave Smith and Committee Chairperson Elaine Fischer said "we are delighted to help".  Past President of Master Gardeners Kathyrn Kufahl says "Every person we can help with our scholarship program will go into the field of Horticulture and that benifits us all".

Laura told us that she will use the money to buy a much needed lap top computer and a printer.

The presentation of the Check was made on August 26th, 2009 at the Green Houses of the College of the Ozarks.   Those attending (L to R)  Master Gardeners Alice Troyke, Marsha Beam, Pres Dave Smith, Laura Pennington, Committee Chair Elaine Fischer,Past Pres Kathyrn Kufahl, Julie Jacob, and Louise Mansfield.

YouTube Movie about Master Gardeners

"lights .. camera .. action!"

Master Gardeners of the Ozarks are proud to announce that a movie has been made regarding the activities of our chapter. 2009 was a very busy year for the Master Gardeners with a "Spring Conference",  " Annual Garden Tour",  "Fall Garden Workshop" and the many projects that Master Gardeners worked on in Stone and Taney Counties.  From the Crane Farmers Market to the Blue Eye Reunion Master Gardeners were everywhere.   The six minute movie was produced by David Burton of the University of Missouri Extension office.   He is our Civic Communication Specialist.   The six minute video shows Master Gardeners and what we do.   We invite everyone to check it out:

Or you can also see it on YouTube here: Master Gardeners on YouTube

If you would like to know more about the Master Gardener of the Ozarks or have one of us come by your group for a visit .. Call us at 417-357-6812  or email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Candy Clark - Wildflower Rescue

CandyClark2009Not your typical rescue story:

After 27 years of owning her own business in Amarillo, Texas;  Candy Clark and her husband moved to the Ozarks in Dec of 2003.   "When we moved here I had never lived in the woods.  It was so exciting."  Says Candy.   The area they moved into had not been heavily developed yet.. "and I had never seen so many wildflowers.  It became an adventure to identify each one and as the season did the variety of flowers".   Here in the Ozarks.. progress happens and homes start filling in great areas of the country side.  Suddenly all "the quiet glens with their secret stands of flowers, rocky outcroppings that provided homes for the woodland creatures were gone, gone forever".  She says thoughtfully, "Like voices extinguished, never to be heard from again.  That was profoundly sad.  I wanted to bring them home and give them a chance to continue".
She decided to get more information;   She enrolled in the Master Gardener program.   During these classes came "the idea for Wildflower Rescue.  It became my project goal.  When I started talking about it with several other Master Gardeners,  they expressed interest in the idea".  After finishing her 30 hours of training,  the Wildflower Rescue Group was officially formed.  
In the Kimberling City area;  Foxwood Shores, a new subdivision on Little Aunts Creek Road was getting ready for development.   Candy asked the construction supervisor about a particular hillside in the subdivision that he was going to bulldoze for a septic system.  After getting permission from the supervisor .. the committee raced into action to dig as many plants as they could.  "Can you imagine,  Here we are a bunch of girls digging in the dirt while the construction boys were standing by their big machines and drinking coffee watching us.  They needed to get to work, but they waited for us." says Dr. Anne Wigg.  "It was such a frantic effort, no one thought of taking a picture" says Candy with a laugh.  The committee has grown with Master Gardener members Marty Kenny, Dr. Anne Wigg, Bill Walley, J.W. Pace, Joe Kleiber, David Smith, Sharon Burgess, Veronica Oots, Roberta Arsenault, Patty Zschoche, Margaret Kaiser, Patty Olsen, Kathryn Kufahl and Chairleader Candy Clark.
The University of Missouri Extension Guide states: "it is unlawful to remove any wildflower endangered or not from public land.  This includes highway right-of-ways.  Anyone interested in growing wildflowers should select those that can be grown from seeds or propagated in other ways for use in the garden.  Avoid digging from native locations unless native locations are being destroyed for some reason"!  Candy says with confidence, "That being said, we as a group, under the umbrella of Master Gardeners, have permission forms that need to be filled out before working on private land."
So far a few hundred  plants have been rescued.   Most went home with the individual rescuer.  "I have two acres of woods that are dedicated to native plants and flowers.  It is a work in progress, but many plants have found a home there".   Candy adds with a grin.. "We speak almost daily!  I am always delighted to hear their voices".
Now with the summer nearing an end and the colors change to fall;  Candy can take time for her other primary interest.  "Painting ..which is very connected to gardening.  I paint in a realistic style and my favorite subject matter is gardens.  Plants, all things green, stone, statuary, and old objects found in a green setting".
Master Gardener Candy Clark has taken a passion for wildflowers and made it personal.  She tells us that her favorite time of day is called "the golden hour before sunset,  when shadows are long and the grass is emerald, and of course flowers,  great and small."  If you would like to visit with Candy and her committee you can contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You can a part of Master Gardeners of the Ozarks and find your passion.  call us at 417-357-6812.   We look forward to talking with you.

Spring Gardening Workshop

spring workshop logo


Master Gardeners of the Ozarks Presents:

The Annual Spring Workshop

March 7, 2020
Faith Lutheran Church
Branson, MO

Stay Tuned for Details!


Annual Garden Tour

garden tour logo

Master Gardeners of the Ozarks Presents:

Garden Tour at Bonniebrook

Enjoy mulitple gardens at one location.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 13th, 2020

Springtime in the Garden

Springtime in the Garden

Master Gardeners of the Ozarks Presents:

Springtime in the Garden

Taney County Extension Office
122 Felkins Ave
Forsyth, MO

Saturday, April 25th, 2020
Plant Sale, Arbor Day & Educational Activities