A special, Master Gardener Emeritus Award Presentation was the cornerstone of today's Master Gardeners of the Ozarks monthly meeting, held at the Table Rock Dam's Dewey Short Visitor's Center. These are ten-year members who graduated in the 2005 Master Gardener class in Reeds Spring and have records of activity since.   Administrative records show that these members include Fran Filip, Julie Jacob, Kathryn Kufahl, June Legleiter, Rosanne McEvoy, Vickie Mitchell, Barbara Schoenholtz and DeVere Olmstead. Of the 8 awards granted for 10 years' continuous volunteer service, 6 recipients were in attendance to receive them.


From the Master Gardener Policies and Procedures:

"Master Gardener Emeritus--An individual who has been an Active Master Gardener for a total of 10 years will be granted emeritus status upon request to the local or regional program coordinator or the Master Gardener Leadership Team. Master Gardeners Emeritus have no volunteer requirements. However, they are encouraged to continue to participate in Master Gardener programs. Master Gardeners Emeritus will receive Master Gardener mailings and may attend any continuing education programs offered to Master Gardeners."

Congratulations to these community volunteers!